Application and Web Development  

Educational Service Unit 10's application development team has been delivering products since 2000.  The current team consists of Nate McClenahan, Adam Griebel, and Jon Haussler.  Products developed are web based to ensure a high availability of resources and enable those using them to be productive and efficient.  Below is a list of ESU 10's application development team products:


ODIE is the major vehicle for interaction with school staff in the areas of technical support, computer repair, media services, and professional development. 

Communities (

Educational Service Unit 10 provides communities for professional groups enabling their members to collaborate and share information.


Educational Service Unit 10's Cozad center partnered with the application development team to build an online service enabling those in need of assistive technology to quickly find the resources available.  This blossomed into At4all (  An additional collaboration with the Nebraska Assistive Technology Partnership has taken this product to the national scene.  Presently there are 13 other state programs leveraging the online catalog of assistive technology resources.


The Nebraska Virtual Instruction Source (NVIS) is a clearinghouse of distance learning courses and online enrichment activities.  NVIS ( was developed as a means for collaboration between ESUs in the Distance Learning arena.

  Nathan McClenahan

 Adam Griebel

Jon Haussler

Nate McClenahan Adam Griebel Jon Haussler