RtI/Problem Solving  

RtI employs a tiered method of instructional delivery, in which the core curriculum addresses and meets the needs of most students (Tier 1), additional instruction is provided for those needing supplementary intervention support (Tier 2), and intensive and individualized services are provided for the students who continue to demonstrate more intensive needs (Tier 3). At its foundation, RtI includes measuring performance of all students, and basing educational decisions regarding curriculum, instruction, and intervention intensity on student data.

RtI is an educational service delivery system designed to provide effective instruction for all students. This system uses a comprehensive and preventative problem solving process, which includes: 1) defining areas of need 2) developing a plan 3);implementing the plan, and 4) evaluating the plan.


Problem Solving Guidebook

Group Problem Solving Worksheets: 

Nebraska Public Schools Continuous School Improvement Action Plan
Group Information
Define Area(s) of Group Need
Develop and Implement the Group Plan
Evaluate the Group Plan

Individual Problem Solving Worksheets: 
Student Information
Define Area(s) of Need
Develop and Implement the Plan
Evaluate the Plan
Request for Multidisciplinary Team Evaluation

Appendix Forms:
Authorization for Release of Student Records
Notification of Screening
Parent Guardian Contacts
Parent Permission to Complete Screening
Problem-Solving Team Signatures


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Contact the Nebraska Department of Education for information on using the RtI process to verify students for special education services. - http://www.education.ne.gov/RtI/index.html

The Nebraska RtI Implementation Support Team provides training and resources to Nebraska Schools on research-based best practices. - http://rtinebraska.unl.edu/index.php