Team Blue - Online Learning  

Team Blue is a new way of thinking about teaching and learning in the classroom. This project takes a triple helix approach: Better instruction - through technology - for all. These three concepts are intertwined combining the best we know about each to support learning in a blended environment (both in the classroom and online.) This new approach provides access to low cost (free), personalized, quality learning opportunities that are creative and collaborative, accessible anytime and anywhere.

In support of better instruction, teachers will use instructional design strategies from "Understanding by Design," a framework for designing effective instruction. This framework uses a backward design approach by focusing first on identifying desired outcomes, then determining appropriate assessments, and lastly, planning relevant, effective and engaging learning experiences both in the classroom and online. Teachers also have access to a warehouse of resources and materials to support them in this new way of teaching as well as communities of like minded educators.

Team Blue uses a web based accessible environment in which students will have access to a variety of tools provided by ESU 10 and other third party hosts to engage them and give them an opportunity to enhance their 21st century learning. From a digital dashboard, students use their single sign-on to access Moodle, Google Apps, their ePortfolio and a host of other district, regional and global services to help them succeed in their learning.

We also take an approach that every child can learn. Team Blue is dedicated to ensuring every teacher has the resources to provide every student the opportunity to achieve to the best of their abilities no matter their circumstances. Using a model of universal design for learning, we emphasize the why, how and what of learning ensuring students are performing to their ability and are engaged and motivated in the learning process.

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