Member Schools

Educational Service Unit 10 provides leadership and support for all areas of Pre-K through 12 education for school districts in eleven counties in central Nebraska. Support is also provided to a wide variety of regional, state and national consortiums.

Amherst Public Schools

Tom Moore, Superintendent

100 N. Sycamore  
PO Box 8Phone: 308-826-3131
Amherst, NE 68812Fax: 308-826-4865

Anselmo-Merna Public Schools

Jason Mundorf, Superintendent

750 North Conway St.  
P.O. Box 68Phone: 308-643-2224
Merna, NE 68856Fax: 308-643-2243

Ansley Public Schools

Dave Mroczek, Superintendent

1124 Cameron St.  
PO Box 370Phone: 308-935-1121
Ansley, NE 68814Fax: 308-935-9103

Arcadia Public Schools

Dave Mroczek, Superintendent

PO Box 248  
320 West Owens St.Phone: 308-789-6522
Arcadia, NE 68815-0248Fax: 308-789-6214

Arnold Public School

Dawn Lewis, Superintendent

405 N Haskell  
Box 399Phone: 308-848-2226
Arnold, NE 69120Fax: 308-848-2201

Broken Bow Public Schools

Tom Bailey, Superintendent

323 North Seventh Ave.  
Broken Bow, NE 68822Phone: 308-872-6821
Fax: 308-872-2751

Burwell Public Schools

Dan Bird, Superintendent

190 I St.  
PO Box 670Phone: 308-346-4150
Burwell, NE 68823Fax: 308-346-5430

Callaway Public Schools

Dawn Lewis, Superintendent

101 N Needham  
Callaway, NE 68825Phone: 308-836-2272
Fax: 308-836-2771

Central Valley Public Schools

Amy Malander, Superintendent

203 N Kildare  
PO Box 160Phone: 308-428-3145
Greeley, NE 68842-0160Fax: 308-428-5395

Centura Public Schools

Julie Otero, Superintendent

201 North Hwy 11  
Box 430Phone: 308-485-4258
Cairo, NE 68824Fax: 308-485-4780

Christ Lutheran School - Grand Island

Mark Hirsch, Principal

1316 N. Grand Island Ave.  
Grand Island, NE 68803Phone: 308-381-2837

Cozad Community Schools

Joel Applegate, Superintendent

1710 Meridian  
Cozad, NE 69130-1159Phone: 308-784-2744
Fax: 308-784-2728

Elba Public Schools

William Porter, Superintendent

711 Caroline St  
PO Box 100Phone: 308-863-2228
Elba, NE 68835Fax: 308-863-2329

Elm Creek Public Schools

Dean Tickle, Superintendent

230 Calkins  
PO Box 490Phone: 308-856-4300
Elm Creek, NE 68836Fax: 308-856-4907

ESU 10

76 Plaza Blvd  
P.O. Box 850Phone: 308-237-5927
Kearney, NE 68848Fax: 308-233-9066

Faith Christian School

Titus Staples, Superintendent

PO Box 3048  
5710 19th AvePhone: 308-236-8744
Kearney, NE 68848Fax: 308-237-4312

Gibbon Public Schools

Larry Witt, Superintendent

P.O. Box 790  
1030 Court StreetPhone: 308-468-5721
Gibbon, NE 68840-0790Fax: 308-468-5164

Gothenburg Public Schools

Michael Teahon, Superintendent

1322 Ave I  
Gothenburg, NE 69138Phone: 308-537-3653
Fax: 308-537-3965

Grand Island Central Catholic School

Steve Osborn, Principal

1200 North Ruby  
Grand Island, NE 68803Phone: 308-384-2440
Fax: 308-389-3274

Grand Island Christian School

1804 State St.  
Grand Island, NE 68803Phone: 308-384-2755
Fax: 308-389-3286

Grand Island Public Schools

Rob Winter, Superintendent

123 South Webb Road  
P.O. Box 4904Phone: 308-385-5900
Grand Island, NE 68802Fax: 308-385-5949

Heartland Lutheran High School

Curtis Wudtke, Principal

3900 W Husker Hwy  
Grand Island, NE 68803-6001Phone: 308-385-3900
Fax: 308-381-7415

Kearney Catholic High School

Terry Torson, Principal

110 E. 35th  
P.O. Box 1866Phone: 308-234-2610
Kearney, NE 68848Fax: 308-234-4986

Kearney Public Schools

Virginia Moon, Superintendent

310 West 24th St.  
Kearney, NE 68845Phone: 308-698-8000
Fax: 308-698-8001

Lexington Public Schools

John Hakonson, Superintendent

300 South Washington  
P.O. Box 890Phone: 308-324-4681
Lexington, NE 68850Fax: 308-324-2528

Litchfield Public Schools

Scott Maline, Superintendent

500 N. Main  
P.O. Box 167Phone: 308-446-2244
Litchfield, NE 68852Fax: 308-446-2244

Loup City Public Schools

Blake Dahlberg, Superintendent

800 No. 8th St.  
PO Box 628Phone: 308-745-0120
Loup City, NE 68853Fax: 308-745-0130

Loup County Public Schools

Wayne 'Rusty' Ruppert, Superintendent

608 Williams St  
PO Box 170Phone: 308-942-6115
Taylor, NE 68879Fax: 308-942-6248

Northwest Public Schools

Matt Fisher, Superintendent

2710 N. North Rd.  
Grand Island, NE 68803Phone: 308-385-6398
Fax: 308-385-6393

Ord Public Schools

Jason Alexander, Superintendent

320 N 19th St  
Ord, NE 68862Phone: 308-728-3241
Fax: 308-728-5108

Overton Public Schools

Mark Aten, Superintendent

401 7th St.  
PO Box 310Phone: 308-987-2424
Overton, NE 68863Fax: 308-987-2349

Pleasanton Public Schools

Ron Wymore, Superintendent

303 W. Church St.  
PO Box 190Phone: 308-388-2041
Pleasanton, NE 68866-0190Fax: 308-388-5502

Ravenna Public Schools

Dr. Ken Schroeder, Superintendent

41750 Carthage Road  
P.O. Box 8400Phone: 308-452-3249
Ravenna, NE 68869Fax: 308-452-3172

Riverside Public Schools

Joan Carraher, Superintendent

124 S Ash St  
PO Box 220Phone: 308-358-0640
Spalding, NE 68665

Sandhills Public Schools

Dale Hafer, Superintendent

PO Box 29  
107 Gandy AvenuePhone: 308-538-2224
Dunning, NE 68833Fax: 308-538-2228

Sargent Public Schools

Wayne 'Rusty' Ruppert, Superintendent

400 N 5th St.  
PO Box 366Phone: 308-527-4119
Sargent, NE 68874Fax: 308-527-3332

SEM Public Schools

Kevin Finkey, Superintendent

205 East 5th Ave  
PO Box 126Phone: 308-752-2925
Sumner, NE 68878Fax: 308-752-2600

Shelton Public Schools

Brian Gegg, Superintendent

210 9th St.  
P.O. Box 610Phone: 308-647-5459
Shelton, NE 68876-0610Fax: 308-647-5233

Spalding Academy Catholic School

Amy McKay, Principal

130 West Marguerite  
P.O. Box 310Phone: 308-497-2103
Spalding, NE 68665Fax: 308-497-2105

St. Mary's School - Ord

527 N. 20th St.  
Ord, NE 68862Phone: 308-728-5389

St. Paul Public Schools

John Poppert, Superintendent

1305 Howard Avenue  
P.O. Box 325Phone: 308-754-4433
St. Paul, NE 68873-0325Fax: 308-754-5374

Trinity Lutheran School

Sandy Armstrong, Principal

208 W. 13th St.  
Grand Island, NE 68801Phone: 308-382-5274
Fax: 308-389-2418

Wood River Rural Schools

James Haley, Superintendent

13800 W Wood River  
PO Box 518Phone: 308-583-2249
Wood River, NE 68883Fax: 308-583-2395

Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center

Mark LaBouchardiere, Superintendent

2802 30th Av  
Kearney, NE 68845Phone: 308-865-5313
Fax: 308-865-5323

Zion Lutheran School

Anthony Splittgerber, Principal

2421 Ave. C  
Kearney, NE 68847Phone: 308-234-3410
Fax: 308-236-8100